Sunday, July 25, 2010



I haven't posted anything for nearly two weeks, but that is partly because I've been too busy, and partly because I've been too lazy to write anything during those brief moments of reprieve. I have a lot of school loose-ends to take care of, and I'm anxious to begin drawing with my oil paints. Tonight I'm going to drive to a street here in Vegas and snap a picture of it. It's one of these streets that's imbued with an odd mixture of desolation and an elusive attractiveness that is difficult to put into words. I hope to make a decent drawing of this lovely avenue.

On Saturday I had to rush my dad to the ER. He's doing better now, but he's fighting an infection that should hopefully abate with the antibiotics he was prescribed. As a result, I was unable to make my volunteer shift at my local hospital. To make matters more complicated, I was unable to reach the voice-mail of the volunteer coordinator to inform her that I wasn't showing up. Her phone number was in my old cellphone (which you can observe nn the previous post), and as you can see, in such deplorable condition that the display no longer functioned. I had to leave a message on a different voice-mail that doesn't get checked very often. When I go snap my photo tonight, I may make the long drive to her office and slip a note under her door.

Take Me to Prague

I've been stricken with a fascination with Prague. For the longest time I've been wanting to make a trip there, but just recently those hopes have intensified. I've seen pictures of this magnificent city and I can say that I love the many churches, the narrow streets, the snow (in the winter), the historicity, all those things about this place (how did this place ever manage to fall to the grips of the communists with such a pronounced Catholic presence?). My brother, who has visited Europe many times before, and just about every major city in the world at least once, has been to Prague. I've failed to pick his brain about the experiences he had there, nor have I seen any of the pictures he snapped on one of his visits. I must put that on my to-do list.

Here's a brief video of Prague. There are better ones than this, but I prefer this one because of the way it presents the Catholic Churches. Notice how the music becomes choral (at 3:04) when the video reaches the segment showing the churches.
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Thanks for stopping by and please keep my dad in your prayers. God bless you.


Shirley said...

I hope your dad recovers well.
When you say drawing with your oil paints, do you mean oil pastels or tubes and brushes? It's been so long since I painted. I have a project I promised to do and have been putting off....

Tom in Vegas said...

Sorry, Shirley. I should have clarified. In this case, I was referring to oil paints, which can obviously involve brushes. But I was also thinking of drawing this same street with regular hard/ soft pastels.

Thank you for your prayers. God bless.

paramedicgirl said...

You have been to busy figuring out how to use that IPhone! Tom, if you email me your dad's name, I will have a Mass said for him at my FSSP parish.

Terry Nelson said...

Prayers for your dad. I can't wait to see your Vegas street scene. I hope you get to Prague - wish I could go.

Katie Alender said...

Hope your father's recovery is smooth and quick!

Tom in Vegas said...

Terry and Katie- Thank you both very much.

PG- How nice of you! Is there an email I can use to send you his name? Maybe I can go through Facebook since you and I are pals on there. Mine is on my Facebook page which you can easily access. Let me know which way works for you best;0)