Saturday, July 10, 2010


Here lies Mel Gibson's career. On the ascend for a number of years, it recently suffered major collisions with the media and various groups who took offense to comments he made that were less than complementary. The final punch came on July 9th when his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, released a taped conversation in which Gibson is allegedly heard going on a tirade, and even admitting to domestic violence. Also laid to rest today is this blogger's hope that Mel Gibson - a once popular actor with a history of "Catholic involvement" - would tout the many positives of the Catholic Church to those unfamiliar with the Catholic faith.


paramedicgirl said...

They shoulda never hooked up. Both of them should have given it a pass.

Tom in Vegas said...

Agreed. But I have a feeling that something similar to this would have happened regardless of who Mel Gibson hooked up with.

Terry Nelson said...

Tom - I think you are right - he would have said something regardless of the girlfriend. Something is wrong with the guy. Remember Raymond Arroyo's interviews with him when he was filming the Passion of the Christ? He was a bundle of nerves or something, constantly shifting in his seat, rubbing his head and hands over his face. Something is off with him - and I'm sure his dad has something to do with it. His dad is a control freak too.

ignorant redneck said...

I hate to say this, the more so as this is an older post. put I going to.

I think that Mr. Gibson exhibits the behaviors associated with untreated or uncontrolled bi-polar disorder to the point that he could be in a text book.

And Mr. Gibson hasn't really been noted for his involvement with Catholicism for many, many years--he has been a mamber of a schismtic sect that regards the Church as a "Novus Ordo Sect" and that is not in communion wit the Bishop of Rome. They are Sede Vacantists.