Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prayers for Toby. Busy.

I'm in the process of getting my house painted, and at the same time, in another part that is already painted, I'm putting in tiles on the floor (bye, bye carpet!). This is the second week that I spend time working on this and there is much more to go.

I took Toby to get groomed this morning (as EVERYTHING else was taking place) when I got a call from the groomer telling me he could not be shaved. Apparently, he was being very combative, so they put a muzzle on him that also covered his eyes. The groomer then told me he might have had a seizure, since he stiffened up and his tongue turned blue. I rushed him to the vet where he is in the process of getting check out as I write this (BTW, they couldn't draw blood because he fought both the doctor and the technicians. Subsequently, they had to sedate him to run the tests).

I'm being selfish, but if you can, could you say a prayer for Toby and for a peaceful solution the phenomenal mess I'm in right now? Thank you and God bless!

I meant to visit the blogs of some of my dear blogger pals, but as described above, EVERYTHING is hitting at once (other stuff I'm not mentioning).


I brought Toby back from the vet yesterday afternoon, after being sedated so the doctor could perform blood work on him. Toby, before sedation, was very unruly and combative with the medical team, so he had to be asleep for the procedure. Tomorrow (Monday) I may have the full results of the blood work.

This afternoon, he vomited just as I was about to give him his chow. The doctor instructed me to give him just a spoonful of food, and see how he reacts. If all is well after a short while, I can give him a little more.

All ways something, isn't it? That's life, however.

THANK YOU for keeping us in your prayers! Remember us, please, next time you pray.



Adrienne said...

Tom - that's just awful! Prayers for both of you...

Jeep us updated.

Shirley said...

Poor Toby. Maybe his unruly nature is caused by a physical problem; it will be interesting to see what the vets find. If he gets a clean bill of health, you might have to call in Cesar Milan! I send up a prayer that he will relax and be a happy little dog in good health. Also, that everything goes smoothly with your renovating. A blessed Pentecost to you!

Rita said...

Prayers, Tom, for you and your fury friend.

Tom in Vegas said...

Thank you so much to all of you!

jessica said...

Just seeing this now, Tom. I'll keep you and Toby in my prayers. I hope he's doing better soon and that things calm down a bit for you!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Tom: Just saw this...prayers for you and Toby. How's he doing now? How are you?

If Toby is anything like my stinker, Sodak, he is upset that strangers are poking at him which could be causing some of his health "issues".

Tom in Vegas said...

Thanks Jessica.


We're all doing much better, thank you. The house is still far from finished, but I have to trust in Divine Providence and pray that all will ultimately go right. Toby is a hellion of a pup, but he hasn't had any other episodes like the one he had with the groomer. Thanks for stopping by:0)

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