Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Wasn't Kidding

The floors are done, but the house still is a mess. I have a long way to go before all the furniture is put back where is belongs. Speaking of furniture, the one you are seeing in this pic, is on its way out. There is the option of refurbishing those bumps and grinds that occur over the course of time. It can save me a pretty penny if I take that route. I'm still, for the most part, undecided.

The new kitchen. Pardon my dust. As you can see, I have to clean it from all the dust generated by the removal of the old counter top. There is even a screw driver on it from all the activity happening to the right of it.

New energy efficient windows (is that the correct term?)

These are new as well. The patch-up you see on the wall is the result of a new kitchen sink and plumbing that I'm putting on the other side. It will, of course, be fixed properly and meticulously. But that is for the outside renovation, I'm still working on the inside.

Out with the old, in with the new. The old counter top has been dumped. In it's place will be a granite surface with new sink.

My pool. Next to it is the sofa that will join the sink and the carpet. On top of the sofa are clothes I had to remove from a closet somewhat abruptly. They'll probably not go back in there again. And yes, the pool deck I have to mend as well. Here in Vegas, and I suppose in many other places as well, their is subtle seismic activity that over time creates cracks in the decking. That and the unforgiving heat. In the background, you can see that my neighbor is doing his share or renovations as well.


Katie Alender said...

Wow! New windows! Only a homeowner could truly commiserate (in a happy way) about how exciting that is.

Looks great, hope the rest goes smoothly!

Shirley said...

That is a lot of work! Are those travertine tiles? The stove is really nice as are the french doors.
How is Toby?

Adrienne said...

Pretty dang impressive!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Tom: These are staged! Dude, where's your pool/dining room table combo?

Tom in Vegas said...


I can't wait for them to be completed. They look like a temporary facade that's about to fall off. I can assure you that they are tightly secured, but it still so irritating.


Yes! Toby is doing much better. I'm staring to get him to do his business on these pads designed to absorb and contain his doggy stuff. He's also behaving much better when he goes outside.

Auntie A-

It's not done yet, and these pics aren't close to showing the real size of the kitchen. Hopefully when it's all completed, I'll post more pics.


You got me! I knew I could fool some but not all. My real pad has a jacuzzi with bottles of courvoisier floating inside. I also had the name "Tom" written across the face of the pool/dining room table combo:0)

Tracy said...

wow, lot of work but it looks great!!

Terry Nelson said...

Cathy invited us over!

Tom in Vegas said...

Yes, Terry, I know! I've hired Cathy to do all my PR work.

Cathy was right, the bathrooms aren't ready but I have trees, grass, and plenty of shadows if anyone has to attend to their, ahem, business:0)

Tom in Vegas said...

Just NOT in the pool!