Wednesday, April 28, 2010

St. Mathew Passion Final Chorus

Have you ever heard J.S. Bach's St. Mathew Passion? It is one of THE most "aesthetically pleasing" sacred works in all of Christendom. By "aesthetically pleasing" I mean that it's a beautiful composition on the surface level - which is to say the music and arrangement - but it lacks the profundity and mysticism of a traditional Catholic composition. Nonetheless, the piece is breathtaking and only works to solidify Bach's reputation as an indisputable baroque genius.

This is the famous final chorus of his magnificent work the St. Mathew Passion. Give it a listen. You wont regret it. By the way, the final chorus actually begins 41 seconds into the video, so you can skip to that point if you'd like.

That string section is incredible!


Shirley said...

Awesome Tom, thanks for posting this. I think what I like best about sacred music is that it transports you above and beyond the mundanity of life; next best thing to being in the Church!

Casey Klahn said...

I've never heard it, until this post. Beautiful.

Thank you for linking my blog, too.