Sunday, April 18, 2010

Miscellaneous Stuff

I'm working on a pastel drawing again. I'm hesitant to say anything about it, since I'm not sure about the time of completion. As soon as it's finished, however, I'll post a picture of it and gladly invite any criticisms any interested onlookers may have to offer. Believe me folks, you can be perfectly honest with me. None of you will choose the words I will have already chosen at the moment of self-evaluation.

Speaking of pastels, this weekend I purchased a 72 count set of Unison Handmade Pastels. Since these - as the name implies - are handmade and (thankfully) are not extruded, they were pretty expensive. Exactly $227.00 for the "professional" set. I really have to watch my spending going forward, since the cost of summer classes came in at just under $2000.00, and this is not including books. Next week I have to register for fall semester and I just can't wait for the atrocious bill from the financially strapped university to hit me.

And finally, on a musical note...

I bought this song on i-Tunes. I had been resisting the temptation for the longest time, and finally gave in to the enticement on Saturday night.


Shirley said...

Nice set of pastels Tom. The song is rather wistful and beautiful.
Has Toby started his lessons with the trainers yet?

Tom in Vegas said...


He has not. I've been very busy and I just haven't had the time to take him to the trainer. I haven't started him on the Prozac either;0)

Katie Alender said...

Good song! Very unique.

Terry Nelson said...

I'm envious of your pastels. I can't wait to see your work.