Sunday, March 1, 2009

Political Correctness

A few years ago, I remember a group that called themselves the American Indian Movement, protested the use of Indian caricatures of such sports teams as the Cleveland Indians, the Atlanta Braves, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Redskins. In light of the politically correct society that we live in today, who could blame them? Today we have to be very careful with our choice of words when making public addresses in the public square. One miscalculation - as has happened to countless numbers of politicians and celebrities - and you might acquire publicity that you might liken to the plague. I think this whole politically correct vernacular may have started when one group demanded a certain type of choice words when being referenced, and another group decided they too had as much right to the same sensitivities as the other group. Just speculation, of coarse. Eventually, the whole P.C. movement gained momentum, and different caucuses were ready to introduce into society what words were off-limits when referencing their respective groups.

Anyway, this is a video that shows a group of redheads (what is the P.C. term fro "redheads?") protesting the Wendy's logo. To them, the Wendy's icon misrepresents the physical appearances of most redheads by putting pony tails and freckles on the Wendy's girl.

What do you think? Are these folks just simply taking things too far, or is their beef with Wendy's legit? If it had been the image of a minority, would the same protests not have occurred? Would Wendy's have even placed the image of a minority as its logo?

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uncle jim said...

i love redheads


i love wendy's

what's a guy to do?

Tom in Vegas said...

Uncle Jim-

Me too!

Shirley said...

That totally figures that it's Canadian comedy! (Go redheads!)

Terry Nelson said...

I love Rene Russso as with auburn hair.

Actually, I think ginger-haired is more complimentary.

Anonymous said...

yeah...I always say someone is ginger too!

unless you know them and what to just rename them Red. LOL There are a lot of "Reds" about