Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What would you do?

Let me pose to you this hypothetical scenario: You are the head of a pro-life charity called St.Majella's Holy Innocents(after St. Gerard Majella). The main terminus of St. Majella's is to overturn Roe v. Wade, and promote the pro-life point of view by becoming politically and socially active. Your job as the head of this assemblage is to organize pro-life rallies, hold monthly meetings to disseminate information about pro-life related activities, such as political activism and fund raising. You also pray and attend mass together with your entire group at least once a month, and hold social functions that also include the attendance of family members.

Then one day a group calling themselves Rainbows Unbounded contacts you to inform you that they would like to throw their support behind St.Magella's pro-life efforts. They will assist your charity with fundraising, organizing rallies, making appeals to political authorities for support, meetings, and strategizing. This type of collaboration will inevitably demand that both groups intermingle when conducting activities related to promoting pro-life ideology. However, this group sounds vaguely familiar to you and after a little brainstorming - it hits you: this particular caucus is comprised of gay men who - aside from being staunchly pro-life - are passionately working towards legalizing same-sex marriages across the country. Will you accept their support in light of the secondary mission this group labors to promote?

Keep in mind that their involvement in your charity will make an appreciable impact. Your reach will double as a result of their presence, and your finances and political clout will increase as well.

Will you turn them back or welcome them in?


Adrienne said...
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Adrienne said...

The answer would be no. They would be free to join your group as individuals and work toward your goal.

By allowing the "group" to join with you would be giving tacit approval to their aims and purpose for existing.

And, cynical person that I am, to want their group to join with the pro-life group appears to have some ulterior motive.

You cannot justify a bad by the good that may flow from it.

(((Hugs to Toby)))

Shirley said...

I'm with Adrienne on this one. As a group, they are promoting homosexuality, which we as Catholics cannot support as it goes against our faith. A wolf in sheep's clothing should not be allowed in the sheep herd, as it will destroy it from within. The money and political clout are temptations and we all know that temptations are a tool of the devil. It would be better to trust in God that you are doing His will, even if it is a struggle.

Rita said...

I'm with Shirley and Adrienne.

It won't be pretty but it is right. Practicing homosexuals are anti-life or am I missing something?

Melody K said...

I think that it would be better for those who share the goals of this group to join as individuals rather than en masse as a group. We don't have to agree on everything to agree that abortion is evil (there are pro-life feminists, pro-life atheists, not to mention Mormons, and others). And we shouldn't assume that someone who is actively gay is pro-abortion.

Kirk said...

I'm 100% with Melody K.
I think that wishing to join the group as an individual is far different to automatically becoming a member because the group has joined.
Not everyone is going to necessarily agree with all of the aims of the Pro-Life group because they have not actively joined of their own volition but rather have been carried along with the 'group' choice.
I don't think that that is healthy and could lead to dissent on both sides: the joiners and the joinees (if there is such a word).

I don't however believe that actively homosexual people are wicked (which is what being pro abortion is). They are, as Holy Mother Church says, intrinsically disordered but they can still be just as pro life as anyone else. Therefore if a homosexual person wished to join a pro-life group that I was running I would say yes.
Also I wouldn't necessarily think that allowing a homosexual person to join such a group would taint it. I would hope that through such a move, the Love and boundless grace of Our Lord God would act upon that person to the benefit of their soul and their ultimate salvation.
Yikes - have I made my first controversial statements?

Georgette said...

I would send a letter of appreciation of their pro-life sentiments, which are obviously from the Holy Spirit, as all Good Things are, but I would politely decline the offer of their group officially and publicly endorsing the cause because your group could not in good conscience reciprocate their support and endorsement. Adrienne and everybody's advice is best: invite them as individuals to join and support and promote -- but as a group, nope.