Saturday, December 6, 2008

How are Ya?

I've been so busy this week with so many things that I've had no time to post. Next Monday finals begin, so I've got to hit the books this weekend if I want to be prepared for the mother-of-all-exams come class time. After the exams conclude, I will be allowed a few weeks of reprieve before spring semester begins, which, by the way, I'm REALLY looking forward to (can't believe I just wrote that). This spring semester I will be taking some art classes as well a pre-calculus/trigonometry class (yes, I know some of your kids may have taken this math course before, but as I wrote previously, I'm not that smart) that go towards fulfilling the class requirements of my major.

As far the art classes go, I've managed to stock up on some of the media that I will eventually dabble in as my education progresses. Here is a list of some of the stuff in my inventory. BTW, I'm doing this because my major requires that I take art classes, so it isn't my intention to become an artistic genius whose works are displayed at galleries in New York or Paris. Once I've completed my academic obligations for art, this exposure will continue as a hobby and as nothing more. I do, however, want to be exposed to as many media as I can just so I can have the product knowledge as well as the training on how to properly use them. Again, here are some of the media in my inventory:

1) Graphite pencil set - degrees raging from 8B to 6H

2) Charcoal pencils- different types: the kind you sharpen and the kind you unwrap; white charcoal pencils

3) Jumbo charcoal sticks- in both black and white colors

4) Chunky charcoal- [black, green earth tone, and sanguine light (light red)] these are thick, cylindrical charcoal sticks used to cover large areas on a substrate.

5) Sennelier 120 piece oil pastel set

6) Copic marker set

7) Acrylic paints. Has anyone heard of Golden Open Acrylics? The Open product seems to stay wet MUCH longer than regular acrylics. I've contacted Golden and requested some samples.

8) Rapidograph Pen Set

9) Brushes

10) Stumps for blending

11) Dip pens with multiple nibs

12) Mechanical pencils and lead holders- in just about every size, with multiple color leads.

13) Sharpie makers

14) Technical pens (disposable)

Have I missed anything? My next purchase will be pastels with a greater "chalkier" composition. Those oil-based pastels I currently have are very difficult to work with.

The Critter gets neutered on Tuesday. Poor little guy. But it's for the best.


Shirley said...

Tom, looks like you're all set for your art classes! I used to have a set of Rapidograph pens that I used for my wildlife and western art; make sure you put the lids on securely or they dry out on you. I like working in pencil; it's much more forgiving than ink. Give the little Critter a hug for me!

Jennifer said...

I didn't see Crayola crayons on your list. LOL.

More prayers to St. Francis for the Critter that it will go well.

Katie Alender said...

Oh, give Critter a belly-rub from me and Winston.

Just a suggestion, Tom... the anesthesia can lead to lack of bladder control (just during the initial recovery), so if you are planning to hang with the little guy at home while he recovers, put down a puppy pad (or even a plastic trashbag under a few towels) where he's going to be, so there's less to clean up if an accident happens.

We learned the hard way, and had to dry clean our down comforter... oops!

Tom in Vegas said...


Thanks for the tip! I'm not sure what plan the doctor has in mind yet, but I know he'll spend four hours at the clinic after which he can come back home.


Darn! I knew I forgot something:0)

Anonymous said...

good luck to the Critter!

mine has to go in for a biopsy on the 13th (yes? that's a Saturday right?) I think it's just a fatty lump but we'll see.

hope you'r elittle guy will do fine with his surgery. WE always say it' sno big deal but it is to THEM! ha ha ha...

by the you're friend crazy? no such thing as too skinny? caray caray....

you're funny though! too young - too anorexic...what does that mean, sir? you like them old and fat?

just kidding! hope everyone has a great Advent and Christmas.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

After waxing all highbrow on us you drop the big whammy about Little Critter!?!

I expect to see Little Critter's artistic composition describing his thoughts on neutering on Tuesday's post. No pressure.

Tracy said...

Good luck Critter!!!

Adrienne said...

Poor little Critter. I always have female dogs so I have to go throught the spaying routine. One time a male kitten found it's way into our house and I felt sooooooooo guilty when he was neutered. Never felt that way about the girls. Hmmm - wonder what that means?

I want to try the Golden Opens, too. I didn't realize I could get samples....

Elle still in surgery......will let you know when I hear something.