Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Critter is on watch detail

...while I focus on Holy Week. I must WARN all of you not to get too close to your computer monitors. He is easily angered and unmanageable when he gets like that. Click here for a brief backgroung on the Little Critter.

If any of you receive a smart Alec comment on any of your post ending with "Sincerely, woof!" I apologize. When I give him free reign over the computer he thinks he can do whatever he wants. I will keep an eye on him to make sure he behaves.

God Bless all my blogger friends, their families, and their four-legged, house-roaming critters!

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all."


ukok said...


And hey, Tom, where's your pic? Or is that YOU in the pic? I've never known a dog have such a fine taste in music or such accurate typing skills...but who knows!

Jaimie said...

What a great post! He is so cute but I'll be sure to watch out!

Katie Alender said...

Oh, goodness, what a cutie!!

Terry Nelson said...

It's the Easter Critter! Cute doggie!

Tracy said...

What a cute dog!!

Thom said...

Cute dog.

Manic text, but cute dog.


kris said...

I'm so freaking coming out of my skin with excitement about tomorrow night... the beginning of my most most favorite 3 days of the year.

God bless you Tom and that ADORABLE little critter.

Jennifer said...

God bless you this Easter Season.