Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shame On Me

Ever been shamefully aware of knowing things that you shouldn't? If I'm going to fill my head with useless data, I should at least make an effort to educate myself about people who have made this world a better place, sometimes at tremendous sacrifice to themselves.

This is a list of shame - MY shame. The list below contains the names of actors, political figures, and all-around dolts that I have heard of and recognize when their faces are plastered all over a magazine or television. It's shameful because instead of knowing EVERY NAME of every saint in the cannon; instead of knowing theology more fully; or the works of every great humanitarian in history; or every name of the men and women who are fighting in Iraq; or the names of ALL the victims of the September 11th attacks, I know these names.

1) Paris Hilton (useless twirp)
2) Lindsey Lohan
3) L.Ron Hubbard
4) Britney Spears
5) Rick and Cathy Hilton (parents of the useless twirp)
6) Michael Jackson
7) Scott Peterson
8) Tom Cruise
9) Richard Dawkins (dogmatic/ fundamentalist atheist)
10) George Clooney
11) New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys (this one is especially unforgivable)
12) Hulk Hogan
13) Marilyn Manson (?????)
14) Charlie Manson
15) Colin Ferrel
16) Brian Seacrest
17) Courtney Love (skank)
18) Katie Holmes (victim)
19) Madonna
20) Kid Rock
21) Ted Kennedy
22) Dr. Phil
23) Pamela Anderson
24) O.J. Simpson
25) Nancy Pelosi
26) William Hung (American Idol reject. "She Bangs")
27) Kevin Federline (sloth)
28) Ashlee Simpson
29) David Letterman (NOT funny)
30) Rosie O'Donnel ( ditto )
31) Oprah Winfrey
32) Christopher Hitchens (dogmatic/ fundamentalist atheist)

There are many, many more.

Either from approbation or infamy, I can't justify knowing who these people are while having such incomplete knowledge of other people and other subjects that really matter. Please pray for me.


"MissMeliss" said...

Oprah's not number 1??? LOL. She's getting her own TV channel next year.

How about Brittany's sister getting pregnant?

It is pretty sad that I knew all of that, but it took me two days to hear about a family who had drowned here in one of my own neighboring towns.


Adrienne said...

This falls into the category of "know thy enemy."

krj said...

Yeah, I was going to add Britney's sis- classic.

HotTaMolly2405 said...

In reference to number 16.... it's Ryan Secrest.... see! you don't know him! lol

Tom in Vegas said...

Gosh, Molly, you got me in a spelling blunder. But might I suggest (he he) that it's Ryan SEACREST, not Ryan SECREST. LOL!

Jaimie said...

Many years ago I worked at Macy's for the Christmas season. One day I saw a group of young gal associates standing around looking ticked off in the way only young girls can. When I asked them what was the matter they told me someone had said something mean about "New Kids". I was proud of myself for not laughing out loud.

Jeffrey Smith said...

The only way you could have avoided knowing about them is by hiding under a rock. Accept it and aim for better.