Sunday, July 15, 2007

Part I: Indolent Babble; Part II: Neurology

Part I: Indolent Babble

Well, for me no weekend has ever been more lethargic than this one (thank God). I was able to do a few more detailed checks on the camera I'm going to purchase and feel thoroughly comfortable with the choice I've made. Also, I was able to order a few more computer components to (hopefully) begin assembling the behemoth I'll be using for all my multimedia functions.

Part II: Neurology

Am I missing something? Have neurologist or scientists with theistic inclinations not discussed the neurological functions of the brain and how it relates to continuation after death? I can find NOTHING on this subject matter. I'm to the point where the question might be considered taboo [Why? This would make no sense. Have they (theistic scientists) been stumped by a finding they have no rebuttal against?], or so trivial that they have not only discussed it, but they are no moving beyond this topic and unto more lofty subject matter. In my understanding of God, the soul, and life after death, the neurological activities of the human being are a major sticking point for me. If you have any exposure to this topic, try answering a few of these:

1) If our personalities - and virtually everything we are - is sustained within some lobe inside the brain, WHAT continues after death when ALL neurological activity has come to a complete STOP?

2) What evidence even merely suggests continuation after death? Is "non-entity" a more accurate description of our ultimate fate?

3) If religious activity is nothing more than a psychological necessity to keep us emotionally "balanced" (as some have suggested), could we not extend this line of thinking to God, and conclude He exists nowhere but in our own minds, and not outside us as a living, detectable, consequential Deity?

These questions are just a few from a much larger volume. If you have an opinion, I welcome it.


“The search for truth is in one way hard and in another way easy, for it is evident that no one can master it fully or miss it wholly. But each adds a little to our knowledge of nature, and from all the facts assembled there arises a certain grandeur.” ~Aristotle


kris said...

If god only exists in our minds, I imagine the whole world and everything in it is also illusion, experienced only in our minds. A bit Richard Bachesque, if you will.

And I don't buy that.

I've gotta think on some of your other questions, the tougher ones about life after death.

I've had personal experience that assures me life goes on... but even more than that, nothing is created or destroyed, correct? Only changed in form...

No ideas on where to point you to the knowledge you seek regarding brain activity, death, etc...

I will say this. It's impossible for me to imagine a world, regardless of my beliefs, without God (whatever GOD may be- not necessarily some benevolent Big Brother watching over all we do and knowing the outcome)...I can't remember the source, but I remember drawing triangles and putting in the center of 2 of them side by side: DNA and in the other LOVE. At each point of each triange, these words: (on the DNA triangle)- Substance, Pattern, Motion. And on the LOVE triangle, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Father- Substance (foundation/bluprint DNA- Love).
Son- pattern, begotten, one with the father (double helix, offspring)
Motion- replication/movement...

Anyway. Totally on a tangent...

kris said...

Oh Tom. A good romantic comedy/drama is not bad now and then... sometimes something light is essential for my balance (plus I really enjoyed hearing that kid say, "Let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love")... best line, I swear. Did you actually see the film or only the trailer? I am not a fan of Hugh Grant AT ALL, but I enjoyed the film.

Anyway. I'm a huge LOTR fan, own them all (the director's cuts of course) and loved Ronin (though admit I barely remember it now), Finding Nemo, The Incredibles...wasn't a huge fan of Almost Famous.

Some all time faves- Contact, Constantine, Little Miss Sunshine (please tell me you saw this, NOT a romantic comedy), The Last Temptation of Christ (Willem DeFoe), Excalibur (oldie but a goody), original Star Wars trilogy, Lagaan (Indian, subtitled), Stranger Than Fiction... to name, honestly, only a few.

I will take you up on any suggestions now that I'm using Netflix. I only have 16 shows picked out and want to add on some more!

kris said...

"I'm sorry, Kris, this is where 2 friends take different roads"? Is that what you said?

I hope you only meant in terms of movies, cuz I so love our exchanges!
As for me having insight? It's all subjective... you ask the serious questions here, and attempt to answer them. THAT is amazing to me.

Please. Suggest away on films!! I'm adding at least a few tonight to my list...

(ps. Never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's!)