Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tech Babble

Item #1

Well, the computer that I'm assembling is slowly coming together. All six hard drives, optical drives, CPU. MOBO, and other components are poised for action. I'm missing a few more items, after which this over sized hunk of junk will (hopefully) redeem itself. This tower will have a predominant multimedia functionality (I've go 2 iPods and I'm buying an Archos 160 GB Multimedia Player - if I can find one). When will it end?

Item #2

I'm narrowing down my selection of cameras. I'd like to post pics of friends, family, and myself to my blog, since everybody else seems to be doing so already. I should be clicking away and posting in the next few weeks. It seems everybody has some opinion on which camera is worthwhile. I didn't know pictures were so absolutely popular (what cave am I living in?).

Item #3

The Apple iPhone- is it worth it? cnet.com gave the new gadget positive reviews with minor gigs for missing features and call quality. My personal idiosyncrasy is to wait for the second or third generation iPhone (I know that could still be a while away) so they not only work out the bugs from this first generation iPhone, but expand pre-existing technology (4 GB of hard drive is not all the much for my usage) as well as introduce features that at this moment in time are in the beta phase.

And finally, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Stay safe (too late for sane).



adele and dan said...

Let us know about the camera. I'm thinking about buying a new one soon, with so many choices it's hard to know which one.

kris said...

Well... gotta admit I've done my research on cameras... so, if you're soliciting advice I'm happy to give my opinions. And I'll say for the record that in retrospect I wish I'd gone with a Nikon. But the best pics are about having great lenses. Yeah. Plural. Lenses.

As for your computer stuff? It's like some foreign language to me and that bugs me. Cuz I want to KNOW what all that mumbo jumbo really means.

Hey- have you heard this song "God of Many Names"?? I keep listening to it over and over and over...