Sunday, May 13, 2007

CPU (I feel like such a geek)

First and foremost:

Happy Mother's Day!

Especially to my own mother and grandmother who at 88 years old is feisty and insists on going out once a week to play her poker machines!

Well, today I made the first purchase towards adding the innards to my new (full) tower. I've settled on the Intel Core 2 Duo 6700 processor as the brain-function of this apparatus, with MANY more purchases to follow. The next bulk purchase will be the motherboard, power supply, interior and exterior drives, video cards, and yet acquire more goodies after that.

However, I am giving serious consideration to purchasing a midtower and assemble it first, and reserve the full tower for the next generation of Core 2 Dou's with higher GHz or AMD's Quad Core cpu's out sometime this year. However, a computer's performance isn't measured in just Ghz, and there are some great bargains out there with Pentium 4's and AMD Athlon 64's that can do an excellent job of running a full tower. Yikes! I think I need to hit Megabucks (for those of you who have not been to Vegas, Megabucks is a progressive slot machine that awards a minimum of 7 or 10 mil., but keeps going up as people play. An elderly man hit it this year for a second time.)

With all this building, working, and writing, is there time for a social life?

I hope so.


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