Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you and your families from all of us!

Toby wants to celebrated Labor Day by going to a friend's house and "enjoying a quiet time with friends and work colleagues." Can you believe that??? That's the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! Toby actually being quiet- ha! I know him to well. He's going to go there and get boozed up.

I said NO. He threw tantrum.


Shirley said...

Little ankle biter! Bet he keeps you busy! Have to laugh at the word contained in the word verification-reppentl- I bet Toby does not repent of any tantrums- not any!
How is your renovation going? Done yet?

Terry Nelson said...

He looks as if he may want to start a fight.

Tom in Vegas said...


This little hellion does NOT repent, even if he knew how. I'm trying to post a video of him making the sounds the he does when he's locked up and wants to get out. It may actually rank as a different language, which in turn may support the cause for an exorcism:0)

And no, renovation is not done yet. We have three more rooms, plus the garage, still to be finished:0(


Toby has an attitude problem that makes him think he's better than everyone else. LOL.

paramedicgirl said...

He looks too cute to be evil!