Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Church Music

Have any of you sang the first song during mass? I'm trying to recollect what parish I was in when I sung it but I can't remember which one.

Yes, it is a nice hymn, but nothing like the second one below.

What was Father Gregorio Allegri thinking when he compose this piece almost four hundred years ago? For a complete dullard like me, it's impossible to even figure out how he was able to go from one note to another without wrecking the beauty, Mystery, and transcendence of what in my humble opinion is the greatest sacred musical work ever conceived. In a few short weeks, this piece will be performed in the Sistine Chapel.


Corpus Christi Watershed said...

Dear Blogger,

Our team at Corpus Christi Watershed invites you to listen to samples of Musica Sacra, Selections from Sacred Music Colloquium XIX, recorded at the Madonna Della Strada Chapel at Loyola University. This recording includes Mass parts conducted by Horst Buchholz, Wilko Brouwers, Scott Turkington, Arlene Oost-Zinner, and Dr. William Mahrt (to mention a few), and performed by various church professionals from across the world. You may find these samples by following this link: http://ccwatershed.org/cmaa.

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In Christ,

The Corpus Christi Watershed Team

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Tracy said...

I've heard both of these at Mass!!