Sunday, January 10, 2010

Manna from Heaven??

I can imagine that many Catholics are driven out of the Catholic Church for all kinds of reasons: poorly catechized; misperceptions; misunderstandings; lacking meaningful connections to a local parish, etc. Some fall for the likes of the evangelicals featured in the two short videos below.

I can respect religions that are not mine for reasons that I think are too obvious to state here. I know that the whole salvation thing is much too complex and inaccessible for a human being to know fully, which is why in the Catholic Church we canonize individuals, but never, NOT ONCE, have we said anyone is officially in hell. I also believe that God's saving grace is mysteriously present in non-Catholic/ non-Christian religions, beckoning to him those practitioners through means that are unrecognizable to me as Christian in content.

If you are a Catholic (once a Catholic always a Catholic) practicing another faith and want to reconnect with your spiritual roots, why don't you click on the "Catholics Come Home" icon located on the top right hand side of this blog. It will provide you with a slew of information as to how to come back home. If you want to find a Catholic parish in your vicinity, click here.

How do some of these televangelists do it? Peter Popoff, who is as crooked as they come, had been exposed for fraud in the late 1980's and then makes a resurgence as a televangelist despite his charlatan past.

Peter Popoff's Manna from Heaven

They Speak in Tongues

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Tracy said...

I often wonder as well, how do they do it? When for myself, I watch someone like Joel Osteen or Kenneth Copeland and it is so clear to me how many times they error and easily I could show them the error in their teachings:-) But for some reason they just pack them in.. very odd to me!