Monday, October 19, 2009


I don't believe that God is full of contradictions, but I do believe we often find some aspect of His Mystery revealed through paradoxes. In this video, an excerpt is taken from the work of Thomas Merton in which he tries to explain the nature of a Cistercian. This man, Thomas Merton, was no lunatic as some individuals might try to suggest. He simply was able to see the salvific presence of his Creator at work in places unfamiliar to him.

You might realize as you hear this excerpt that the life of a contemplative is characterized by a simplicity so complex, that those with insuficient faith who try to live as a Cistercian eventually walk away aflicted and frazzled.

This is Thomas Merton's real voice. I like what he says in this recording.


Shirley said...

Tom, do I detect in you a longing and affinity for the monastic life? I've been praying for you to know your vocation, whatever it may be.

Tom in Vegas said...


Thank you so much:0)

Colleen said...

I love reading Merton's journals. You put it well - a simplicity so complex.